Anti-Snoring Devices

What does soft tissue vibration, an increase in air velocity and ninety million Americans have in common?

If you ask a dentist NJ, you might be surprised to learn the answer to this question is snoring. If you think that snoring only affects the person who is doing the snoring, you are wrong. While there are millions who are snoring while they are asleep there are millions more laying beside them unable to sleep at all because of it. Snoring does more than disrupt sleep, though.

The average snorer is at an increased risk for a number of health related problems including high blood pressure. That may lead to an increase in the risk of strokes as well. Some people may choose to use surgery to stop their snoring but that process is expensive, potentially painful and has a number of risks involved. Anti-snoring surgery has a high failure rate, working for only twenty to forty percent of the patients who try it.

Dr. Milman and staff can fit you with one of the new, comfortable anti-snore devices and help you get the restful sleep that you and your whole family deserves.

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