Cosmetic Fillings

In the old days of dentistry, fillings were painfully noticeable because they were created out of silver amalgam- shiny and bright, drawing attention to the area. Most people want to minimize the appearance of their fillings especially for cavities in front teeth. For those teeth, a more cosmetically friendly approach is warranted. A&M Dental Arts specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including fillings that blend in with existing teeth.

Like other dental procedures, cosmetic fillings are typically done using plastic resin or porcelain materials and are designed to blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth. These materials are applied by Dr. Milman and staff using the latest techniques so that your appointment is fast and easy, allowing you to get back on your way with a whole new, whiter and brighter smile.

Most fillings can be handled cosmetically but there are some cases where other materials might be needed.

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