Dental Implants

In some cases, a tooth just cannot be saved. In these instances, a dental implant might be suggested instead. Dr. Alexander Milman and the staff at A&M Dental Arts will discuss this option with you, helping you to decide if an implant is the right procedure for your needs.

Implants are made of porcelain or other materials and are anchored directly into the jawbone or into a metal frame that sits on the bone. Your implant will be used to replace a single damaged tooth or might be used to attach a bridge. In some cases, your implants might be used to hold dentures in place.

Oral surgery is needed to prepare the implant area. After that surgery is finished there will be a recovery time that will allow bone to build up around the device. That bone provides the strength and anchoring needed for stability. It is very important to follow up with all postoperative instructions that you are given so that there is minimal risk of infection in this area.

Dr. Milman will discuss the procedure of implants for your oral health as well as recovery – what it takes, the time involved and other considerations.

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