Dental Sealants

How do you know if you need dental sealants?

Pediatric patients are given dental sealants to protect their teeth and to reduce their risk of needing painful, dental fillings and extractions. Sealants are placed on the molars of the young patients because these are the teeth most vulnerable to cavities. Molars are the teeth that are used in the actual chewing process. They are also difficult to keep very clean, especially for very young children. The first set of molars (the baby teeth) come in around age five to seven while the adult or permanent teeth come in around age eleven to fourteen.

Dr. Milman and his friendly staff at A&M Dental Arts are trained to handle even the most apprehensive pediatric patient for this simple, painless procedure. An adhesive is applied to the surface of each molar. Next, the actual sealant material is painted over the adhesive and allowed to harden. The dental sealants can last as long as ten years and can be reapplied if that is needed.

Sealants are a great way to keep the molars from developing cavities and may also protect the chewing surface from light teeth grinding. After they are applied, they are not noticeable and will cause no change in chewing.

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