Emergency Dental

As a respected dentist Manalapan residents know that Dr. Alexander Milman and his staff are available to answer questions about dental emergencies, especially for their youngest patients. In many cases, it might only be the need for a little bit of reassurance from a calm and friendly voice with no follow up treatment needed. But, there are some dental emergencies that may require a fast appointment in hopes of saving a tooth or preventing further injury. poker online idn

Dental emergencies can take many forms: from biting the tongue to knocking out a tooth. All facial or oral injuries are frightening to the injured person as well as everyone that is around them when it happens.

If at any time you feel you have an emergency situation, call Dr. Milman at A&M Dental Arts and speak to staff to determine if you need to be seen or seek immediate care at a local hospital. Call (732) 490-8733 and speak to Dr. Milman’s courteous staff for guidance and remember: most dental emergencies look way worse than they really are. Stay calm and the staff will give you steps to follow for the comfort and safety of the patient as well as the peace of mind of the parent or caregiver.

To get immediate assistance, call
(732) 490-8733

to speak with Dr. Milman and his staff TODAY!