Do you want to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile? Are you afraid that the only way to get that done is with braces? Rest easy, metal and wires are not the only way to improve the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Alexander Milman and the staff at A&M Dental arts want you to know that you can have the smile that you are dreaming of without having to have a single wire in your mouth. Dr. Milman is a Manalapan dentist that specializes in the use of Invisalign.

Safe and comfortable, Invisalign is different from braces because it is not permanently attached to your teeth nor is it visible at all. Each clear and comfortable aligner is worn all day and night, removed by the wearer only for eating and dental care. Every two weeks, you will use a new aligner, gently guiding your teeth to their new and straighter location. Most people will wear between eighteen and thirty of these aligners and the process should take roughly fifteen months or less. During this time, you will see Dr. Milman once every six weeks to make sure that you are progressing as intended.

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