Teeth Whitening

White Smile. Teeth Whitening from AnnaEsthetics, Tampa.

Every day, we eat and drink. Many of the things that we enjoy will wreak havoc on the brightness of our smile by staining our teeth. Coffee, tea and wine can stain our teeth. Smoking may yellow them. Even certain medications can cause discoloration of our teeth. For many people, whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes might seem like the perfect answer but you should know that those might be worsening the appearance of your teeth rather than helping you get a whiter smile like you intended. Many of these products, especially the over the counter ones are abrasive and may damage the enamel of your teeth which may make them even more likely to become stained.

Professional whitening, such as the process used by Dr. Alexander Milman at A&M Dental Arts remains the safest and most effective whitening process available and can get your teeth to a much whiter shade than you would ever get at home without risking the health of your teeth in the process. Dr. Milman uses a number of whitening and bleaching processes so he can find the exact right one for your personal needs.

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